B2B Online Lead Generation

Techniques to boost your lead generation

1. Identify the best content formats to generate and nurture leads for your target audience e.g - articles, videos, guides, reviews/testimonials, checklists, data sheets, events, download iBooks, online quizzes, competitions etc…

2. Create an editorial calendar to schedule themed content to boost leads
Social media and content marketing is like putting petrol in your car, you need to keep putting in the fuel to keep them going.

3. Repeat your content using multiple channels
For example if you send out your content via email, you might want to repeat it in your social media and on your website, then test and measure the results.

4. Use keyword research to support your lead generation

5. Adwords search and display network remarking
If you’ve got the budget, don’t limit yourself to using SEO to get visibility in the organic results, you will be limiting your opportunities for visibility. Paid listings in Google or other search engines are generally costly in B2B marketing, but there are still opportunities for niche targeting.

6. Social network ads and retargeting
In the same way that paid search advertising can improve on your reach you achieve through the organic results, paid social ads can as well. There are many options to target by keyword or interest in Facebook or Twitter and in LinkedIn. All the main social networks have options for retargeting where you can follow-up on a site visit.

7. Call to action testing
Find out which calls-to-action work best using your analytics tools

Kirralee Fisher