All about content marketing


Just because something is common, popular, or important doesn’t automatically mean that should do it to. Do you understand what your customers want? Here are some tips to help you improve your content marketing results.

Content marketing tips

1. Refined your strategy

Like any other form of marketing, you need a strategy if you expect to be successful. I’ve been surprised at how many businesses lack a strategy for their content marketing.

2. You don’t spend much on content marketing

Companies who spend a lot on marketing are able to grow their markets faster than companies who don’t spend as much.

To put it another way, you get what you pay for. If you want results with content marketing, you need to spend enough money to make a difference.
- how many different social media platforms are you using?
- what percentage of your marketing are you spending on content?
- is the content engaging?

3. You aren’t promoting your content

Creating content is only part of content marketing. The other half is promoting it.
How do you promote your content?
- email newsletters
- landing pages on your website
- facebook
- instagram
- twitter
- linkedin
- pitch to influencers in your industry who can share your content
- pitch to bloggers and ask them to share your content

4. Your content is all wrong

Your content needs to be relevant to the channel you are using. Creating crappy content does have an impact on your brand. Some reasons why your content could be bad:
1. You don’t know what kind of content to produce
2. You hired a cheap copy writer to do it all for you, thinking you don’t have to worry about it
3. Your content is boring

5. You’re in a competitive market

Some industries are extremely competitive online than others, therefore the money you have to spend on competing is larger than most.

6. Not being patient

Content marketing takes time. I’m often told by my clients that they’re not seeing any results after a couple of months of trying. Now lets get serious - content marketing and website SEO takes time! Allow a good 12 months to build up your content online.

7. Your SEO is non-existent

Search engine marketing requires ongoing work. You need to find a niche and then go for it. If you try to be all things to all people then you won’t get anywhere very fast. If your clients can’t find you via the web then you’ve got problems, perhaps you need to get external help from a specialist.

Kirralee Fisher